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Grow Your Sales Using Text Messages

If you want to attract people's attention, texting them is a great option. Texts are typically read in a matter of seconds, and responses are made within minutes. There is no other medium where interaction is as constant as it is in this one.

Once you have your target audience's interest, you may use a wide variety of strategies to boost your company's revenue.

Creating successful marketing campaigns

Despite this, we can all name at least a few advertisements that we find particularly endearing. Why? This is because annoying marketing campaigns are different from engaging ones. All our most successful efforts have one thing in common: they tell the correct story.

Identify the adversary.

You must have a central theme or idea to which your clients may unite and around which your story can unfold. You must identify the item that your target audience despises and work to eliminate it.

This could be a direct rival (Apple vs. Microsoft), a higher price point (expensive eyewear vs. Warby Parker), an unpleasant experience (boring party food vs. Tostitos), or an outmoded practice ( in-person meetings vs. Slack).

Knowing your consumers' likes and dislikes, your company's values, and the problems you're trying to address in the market will help you pick the proper opponent. Is this the person you're up against? If so, the goal is to point out their flaws without being too nice.

Do not take this as an invitation to get physical. You shouldn't make an enemy when there isn't one. In this case, your marketing effort should imply, "That's a terrible idea in our opinion. Do you concur with us here? We need to shake things up a bit."

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Demonstrate the means by which the foe can be vanquished.

Your customer is the hero of this story, and you must teach them how to vanquish the threat posed by your competition. Usually, all you need is your usual elevator pitch to make your point.

However, it is your responsibility to make the message even more interesting if you have the resources to do so, typically through the use of video and photo campaigns, while also keeping things straightforward. Now that you've exposed the customer's foe, it's up to your marketing strategy to show them how to become a hero.

Imagine a world without your adversary.

Your service should make a positive difference in the lives of your clients. Demonstrate what it will be like for them.

We have all seen advertisements that claim things like "Our beer will bring you closer to friends and family" or "Our software will give you your time and sanity back." These campaigns are winning because they are easy to understand and offer a positive future.

The enemy your consumers face, your remedy, and the happy life on your side may all be portrayed in just a few words. Develop a clear picture of the experience you want your customer to have when you plan your campaign.

Then use that feeling as a selling point for your campaign. Maybe you'll need to stress it considerably more than usual to make your point. This is a strategy used by nearly all dominant brands, and for good reason.

Call for action.

Customers aren't looking for information or looking to make a purchase when you present it to them. People have a tendency to stay the course even if it's making them miserable, so you'll have to overcome their inertia to encourage them to take action. Your campaign should tell people what to do, and it should tell them more than once.

Your rallying cry ought to be unambiguous and easy to understand, with a direct path to success in vanquishing the adversary. If you want your campaign's call to action to go off without a hitch, you must ensure that all three of the following are met. Sign up now to increase your online visibility," with a link to do just that, is a wonderful example.

Your marketing efforts will be more compelling if you present a story in which the customer plays the role of the hero and you play the role of the villain who shows up to help them overcome their enemy.

The most effective campaigns convey that story in a novel way and give consumers clear next steps. Implementing this strategy across the board will help you develop campaigns that your target audience will enjoy and remember.

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5 Ways to Use Texting to Grow Your Sales

You invest time and energy into getting people to visit your website or store. See to it that you can transform them into actual paying consumers.

Focusing on lead generation and inbound marketing

Customers who visit a website usually have a few questions they want answering before making a purchase, and they'd rather get those questions answered by a real person than by doing the legwork themselves. This problem can be avoided by using an SMS chat, or a web chat widget that allows for messaging.

A visitor initiates a conversation with you via chat on your site, and you can reply to them via text messaging. You'll get their phone number for follow-up purposes and the dialogue can continue even after they leave your site.

In addition to SMS chat, you can also direct customers to "Text us at this number." In-store and online promotions that include a keyword customers may text to receive a perk or discount (e.g., "Text FREE to number to get...") also perform well. This will help you attract new customers and lay the groundwork for SMS marketing down the line.

Be the first to follow up in order to close more sales.

Customers often make repeated attempts to contact a company before making a purchase. In business, the company that acts first usually ends up with the most lucrative contracts. You can get a jump on responses by texting.

Include a field for a prospect's mobile phone number on any web form, and immediately after they submit the form, send them a text message to confirm receipt of their request. This is fantastic for the customer service they receive, and it allows your representative to text you back whenever they have free time.

It's possible to do anything from setting up an appointment to giving an estimate and closing the business by text message, but it all depends on your sales pitch. If you need more information before you call, send a text to see if anyone is free to talk for a few minutes. A prospect's decision-making process can be quickly updated via text, and you can prompt them to take action to close a contract.

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Contact former clients with updated seasonal and special offers

SMS marketing campaigns can quickly increase any business's success. You can use them to upsell to current customers, re-engage inactive prospects, and win back former customers. It's always a good idea to publicize sales, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Take a look at your client database and see if there's a way to narrow down your target audience. Depending on your CRM or SMS solution, this may already be a breeze. Building a continuing subscriber list is aided by keywords, as noted in point 1.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you should send a mail outlining the details. To add impact, you might include a picture or a link to a website. A shopkeeper could, for instance, remark "Please take advantage of our end-of-season deal, and I'd like to personally thank you, [first name].

On our website,, you may save as much as 70% on summer apparel. Quick, before they're all gone, get the clothes that fit you best." The optimal frequency for maximizing both returns on investment and minimizing unsubscribes is one month for each campaign.

Convert satisfied clients' positive feedback into new business.

Customers often read consumer feedback on the internet before making a purchase. Those businesses with rave reviews stand out, and you can get more of those ratings by messaging your customers. It's easy to get feedback from patrons by text message; just send a request along with a link to the review site of your choosing.

You require a trigger action in your customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), or other software systems to automate these requests. This could be at the end of a transaction or after a service has been marked as complete.

Manually texting clients asking for reviews can be done on an individual basis or in bulk via an SMS promotion.

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Increase your payment collection and decrease your hassle

Two methods of contactless payment are now available to businesses thanks to texting. To begin, you can send a customer a text message demanding payment, along with a link to make an online payment. Send a text message to serve as a gentle prompt, if necessary. In comparison to mailing or emailing bills, this will significantly shorten the time it takes to get paid.

Second, you can set up "text-to-pay" through the integration of your business's texting number with your payment gateway. This allows you to receive payments safely and instantly by text message.

Customers are prompted to provide their payment information via a safe online portal for the initial payment request. The following inquiries just require a confirmation code as a response from the customer.

This transaction will begin after the confirmation code is entered. This method is also useful for updating the contact details of existing customers whose credit cards have expired.

To begin, have your business phone number accessible by text by employing a texting provider (s). This allows you to separate your professional and personal lives by not always using your personal phone number, and it provides a ton of extra features, such as group chats, automated payments, and access for many people.

Just focus on one use case at first. And then add more as necessary to keep warm. You'll quickly begin to wonder how you ever managed your sales and marketing without texting.

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