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How to Become a Better You

Either you haven’t been experiencing “pep in your step” lately or you’re on top of the world. No matter what camp you find yourself in, it’s always a good idea to work on bettering yourself.

But how exactly do you alter your behavior? The best way to strengthen relationships with loved ones is to talk to them more often. How can you improve yourself?

From the moment we open our eyes until the moment we close them at night, we rarely have to use our own volition.

Something constantly seems to be taking up time that you could be using otherwise, whether it’s that 8 a.m. class or your beloved dead-end work.

The items on this list are meant to help you reclaim some of that time and put it to good use improving who you already are.

1. Get up early.

Many famous people, like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg, adhere to this philosophy.

Getting up an hour earlier allows you to have some time to yourself, which is something we could all use more of. While some may use it as a means of meditation, others may use it as a means of mental preparation for the day ahead.

What you choose to do with your bonus hour is up to you, but whatever you decide, you’ll be glad you took the time out of your day.

2. Make a list of things you need to accomplish each day.

An organized day begins with a well-thought-out plan, giving you a sense of direction in an otherwise chaotic world.

Prioritizing your to-do list is just as important as the tasks themselves. Have you ever felt that your day just kept becoming more and busier, and you had less and less control over it?

Have you ever experienced a day when nothing seemed to be happening?

Your plan of action and checklist will serve as a navigational aid, guiding you away from the chaos and toward the efficient use of your most precious commodity: time.

3. Schedule time to reflect on your past and future actions

The time you freed up from your schedule and to-do list should be used for this. Taking some time to organize your thoughts and prepare ready for the day is crucial.

One should engage in introspection and rigorous self-honesty while performing this exercise. Examine your actions to determine the source of the most enjoyable and the most unpleasant outcomes.

If you do this, you can determine what areas of your day are being undermined. Unless you have done extensive sabotage, this shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes.

4. Put yourself in the company of high-achieving individuals.

Remember the old adage, “Be like the people you spend the most time with, and eventually, you will become like them.” There is some truth to the adage.

Have you ever noticed that people who are already successful tend to be close with a small group of like successful people?

It turns out that as you surround yourself with more successful individuals, you will find that your own level of success rises as well. It’s neither a scientific truth nor a miracle; it’s just people talking to each other.

If you’re having a chat with some of your more powerful pals, and they start telling you about their recent power maneuvers, you’re going to find that the conversation doesn’t last long. Improve yourself by contributing to the conversation.

5. Focus on concepts, not people.

Most successful people also adhere to this principle. When you stop and think about it, every single great business, product, and invention was the result of collaboration between at least two people.

However, if you and your friends constantly complain about what the Joneses are doing or what Carl did yesterday, you aren’t contributing anything constructive to the conversation other than your mutual dislike for those two people.

An in-depth discussion will help you hone and improve your ideas.

6. Read every day about a recent development in your subject of interest.

Only a minority of us use the vast resources of the internet despite its easy accessibility.

You should study the most recent developments in your industry by perusing the biweekly and monthly magazines you receive, the daily newspaper, or the internet.

The world is moving at a lightning speed, and if you fall behind, you may never catch up. Now is the time to show everyone how well-informed you are on the latest developments in your industry, and especially your superiors.

Besides, it’ll bring out the best in you.

7. Smile

We’ve learned to just roll with whatever life throws at us, and we know that stress isn’t anything to be happy about. It’s intriguing that recent studies show that smiling has positive effects on our health and well-being.

Smiling is a great way to alleviate tension and may even aid in your desire to live a longer life. Is your mood low right now? Just putting on a happy face can do wonders for your disposition.

Your smile will brighten the day of those around you since it is contagious. If you’re feeling bad, try smiling nevertheless; it’ll make you feel better and improve the world around you.

8. Volunteers.

Making a contribution of your time and energy to a worthy cause is gratifying. It’s a sure bet that any help you provide to your community, whether it’s through a food bank or a local company, will be greatly appreciated.

There are two ways in which volunteering can benefit you:

You can highlight your commitment to the cause on your CV, and the organization values its volunteers highly.

It’s a great way to connect with the owners of local businesses and the individuals you’re helping through volunteer work. It will serve as a solid recommendation when you go to apply for your next position or launch your business.

9. Seek a role model

One of the most effective strategies to improve yourself is to find a mentor. Possessing a person who has been where you want to go might be a terrific resource for learning the ropes.

These are some questions you could ask a mentor:

What do you think you could have done differently and why?

What advice would you provide to someone who wants to pursue a career in?

Make advantage of these insights to aid in your approach and direct future choice-making.

10. Determine what you want, and then get it.

Finally, while you work toward being a better you, it’s important to have both intermediate and long-term objectives. Pursuing one’s hopes and dreams is more vital than anything else.

Every year, we fall into the same New Year’s Resolution trap and fail to follow through on our promises to ourselves.

More than half of those who make a New Year’s resolution doesn’t keep it for longer than five months, according to studies.

You don’t want to end up like that, therefore make some improvements to who you are as a person and work toward those improvements.

11. Take up a hobby.

Find anything you enjoy doing, be it home improvement tasks or participating in a local sports league, and make it a habit.

12. Empty and clean the storage space

It can be invigorating to get rid of outdated stuff you no longer need. Stop being so idealistic; those pants haven’t buttoned in three years, so let go! Also, if your kids are asking you to explain an object, you may safely assume they no longer see any use for it. What is a floppy disk, Dad?”

13. Have fun

It’s easy to let life’s busyness prevent you from taking time to appreciate the little things. Invite some people over for dinner. Attend that high school reunion. Attend a concert by driving there. Give yourself permission to rediscover old interests.

14. You should cross things off your list as you complete them.

A list of things to do that has been going on for a while now. Fix the broken fixture in the master bath, organize the garage, or get in touch with an old pal. This will motivate you to finish the rest of the boring tasks increases after the first one is done.

15. Vary Your Routine

A picture like this one needs no explanation. Try something out of your comfort zone, whether it’s a new restaurant or learning the piano.

16. Develop your connections

In other words, if you tell your kids you’ll play with them later, make sure you actually do so. If you say, “let’s catch up sometime,” make sure you follow through with a specific time, date, and location.

Take your husband out on a date. Don’t allow the mundane and regular of everyday life to take the place of the people who matter to you.

17. Go on a trip

Spend some time away, and make it a point to relax and unwind completely. If you must work, set a time limit for yourself and stick to it. Have some fun and relax. Put away your phones and other electronic devices so you can fully take at the moment.

18. Recognize the benefits of change.

The general public often views novelty negatively. Having a different perspective isn’t a bad thing; it’s just a different perspective.

Fearful as it may be, it’s important to consider the possibility that your entire self-concept could be wrong. It’s important to consider the long-term effects of any major life changes before making any moves in that direction.

How likely are you to find a route back to your loved ones, meet interesting people, or land your ideal job? There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you set your mind to bettering yourself, and if you understand why you should, you’ll have no trouble following through.

19. Don’t make excuses

Once you’ve identified the areas of your life you wish to improve, you must take action. It’s simple to make up an excuse like “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but “tomorrow” maybe 10 years from now.

Just think about how much better life could be if you took action right now instead of coming up with reasons why you shouldn’t. Make today the best it can be by seizing control.

20. Incorporate more optimism into your life

There is much more to positivity than trying to see the bright side of things. It’s treating strangers with respect, lending a hand to someone in need, and surrounding yourself with upbeat people.

It doesn’t take much to keep your cool, figure out why bad things are happening, and crack a smile or two.

You’ve probably heard the adage, “everything happens for a reason,” and there may be some truth to it. Let rid of undesirable feelings and thoughts, and instead, focus on finding solutions to problems.

21. Be honest

Many people have difficulty being honest. It’s not a reflection on your character if you keep some things close to the vest, but letting go can be just as cathartic. Work on being more open and honest with the folks you interact with on a regular basis, whether at work or at the dinner table.

When you let people in on your true feelings and identity, rather than hiding behind masks, they will be more likely to trust you. Personal integrity is subject to the same standards.

If you aren’t in tip-top shape or if a string of unfortunate occurrences has befallen you recently, know that you’re still okay.

The first and most important step on the road to self-improvement is accepting yourself as you now are. Don’t take my paunch or my thinning hair as evidence of my frailty.

If you can accept that everything about you is exactly as it should be, you will be far closer to making positive changes in your life than you were before.

22. Put yourself to the test

This could be the trickiest part of the process. Experiment with doing something terrifying every day.

Doing things you don’t want to do is a terrific way to figure out why you don’t like doing them in the first place, as foolish as that may sound.

You’ll find that some of them are enjoyable, allowing you to focus on honing those skills that will help you grow into your best self.

You shouldn’t be afraid of the unknowable and should instead take on problems as they arise.

23. Don’t rush things

No matter how hard you try, you won’t improve overnight, the day after, or even in a week. Making an inner transformation requires a significant time investment. This is why you shouldn’t give up at the first sign of difficulty.

You need to remember your original motivation for starting down this road in order to overcome whatever obstacle is currently standing in your way. No matter how difficult things may appear right now, grit your teeth and press onward.

Surrounding yourself with people who want to help and do you good is the single most essential thing you can do for yourself. Being self-reliant has its benefits, but it’s nice to have someone to lean on when you need support or pat you on the back when you succeed.

The path of personal transformation you’ve set out on will be challenging, but the payoff is truly immense. You should remember it the next time you feel like giving up and going back to your old ways.

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