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What Children Can Teach You About Life

We know it is our responsibility to guide and teach our children from the moment they enter our lives.

They have a lot to discover and learn as newly formed little humans. And we, as their parents, serve as tour guides, assisting them in navigating this world.

We take them to places they’ve never been and show them sights they’ve never seen. We teach them the difference between right and wrong, how to put on pants, and why biting the cat’s tail is a bad idea.

We impart knowledge, provide wisdom, and provide information on a daily basis. And they soak it up and in like little sponges. They learn to walk, talk, and not lick the bottom of their shoes.

Children are far more confident, courageous, and enthusiastic about life than adults.

Sometimes it seems as though we spend our entire lives attempting to become the children we once were. Here are some things we can learn from our younger selves to bring more clarity and joy into our adult lives.

1. Every day is a fresh start

Isn’t it strange how the end of a school day always felt so final, so complete? The time between June and September seemed to fly by.

Because when you’re young, every day feels like an eternity, and a new day means new chances to meet new people, go on new adventures, and learn new things. Children do not carry their belongings from one day to the next. They always start from scratch.

2. Be curious

Children inquire, peer into cupboards, and press buttons. As adults, we must remember that being curious is how we learn. And there is always more to discover.

Children are not afraid to participate in sports that they have never tried before. Even if it is unfamiliar to them, they will jump on a trampoline, dive into a pool, or ski down a mountain.

We, adults, are afraid of the unknown. We stay in our comfort zone and rarely venture outside. We are exhilarated and awakened by adventure.

3. Creativity is fun

How often do you see children engrossed in a creative project for hours on end? Drawing, playing with clay, and meticulously constructing a sandcastle.

For some reason, as we get older, we lose interest in creative activities. Aside from artists, how many adults draw on a regular basis? How many people play with clay or finger paint just for fun?

4. Enjoy the simple things in life

A precisely timed burp. A water slide is being used. Because they do not have unrealistic expectations, children appreciate simple pleasures. They recognize that happiness can be found anywhere.

As adults, we must remember to enjoy simple pleasures. When did we stop noticing the small miracles that surround us daily? How much more beautiful life would be if we could witness these miracles again?

5. Express yourself

When children are angry, they scream. When they’re happy, they squeal. When they’re sad, they wail. As adults, it’s important to remember that letting it all out is far better for our soul than keeping it bottled up inside.

Children have an amazing ability to find joy in the most unexpected places. Just consider how much amusement a child can find in a shopping mall or a park. They see hilarity everywhere.

6. Value friendships

Playing with friends brings children true joy, and they enjoy making new ones. They join soccer teams, attend birthday parties, and enroll in new schools. These are all ways for children to make new friends. The motto “the more the merrier” applies to both children and adults.

7. True courage

Sing loudly. When you feel like it, dance. Because they are not bound by failure or humiliation, a child’s life feels limitless.

Because they don’t know any better, they march forward with hope and determination. They haven’t been beaten down, and they haven’t failed. They welcome life and everything it has to offer with open arms.

Children run, jump, and tumble. They taste, experiment, and dive headfirst into new experiences. It serves as a good reminder to adults that being bold and daring creates the best memories and a far more interesting life.

8. Live in the moment

Children never stop playing with cars because they have a self-imposed coloring deadline.

Instead, when they experience joy, children remain present. So take a sip of your coffee; the laundry can wait an hour. Living in the present moment makes life more enjoyable.

9. Bad times are good stories

Everyone a child knows will sign the cast if he or she breaks a bone. They become the class’s heroes, the survivor.

If they fall and cut themselves, everyone wants to see the scar, which they proudly display. We hide our scars as we get older, and our wounds become our secrets.

We don’t want to appear weak or pitied, so we don’t tell anyone where it hurts. Scars, however, are recognized by children as a sign of strength and survival rather than weakness. A tale to tell. A job well done

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